J.N.Shapiro numerals

The J.N.Shapiro Infinity Meteorite P.01 (image credit: Atom Moore) Joshua Shapiro is a Los Angeles-based watchmaker specialising in guilloche dials. I was commissioned to create a set of custom numerals for an initial bespoke piece. They subsequently appeared on the limited edition Infinity Meteorite P.01 series, making these numerals the first serially-used Arabic numerals on … Continue reading J.N.Shapiro numerals


Felix-Font is a custom type family for the independent watchmaker Habring². The family was originally started as an expanded numeral set that was modeled after Habring²'s existing 12 numeral on their Felix watch. Additionally a set of filled outline numerals were created to refine the gilded applications which can be found on the Erwin and … Continue reading Felix-Font


Matic is a multi-script type family that finds its inspiration in the typography of vintage wrist watches. The family is made up of two styles: Matic A uses wide, boxy letterforms with a low contrast and tall x-height. Matic B tones down both the width and the boxiness of its sans-serif partner, but only marginally. Both styles include a … Continue reading Matic