I’ve worked as a commission-based illustrator for a wide array of clients ranging from an international community of watch collectors and enthusiasts as well as for established watchmakers such as Roger W Smith, MB&F, and MING. If you are interested in commissioning a drawing either for yourself or for your brand, please do not hesitate to get in touch via the form on the About page.

Type design

In combination with my post-graduate degree in 2017–18, I have worked as a production designer for Canada Type, Sorkin Type, as well as an independent type designer for Fears Watches, Habring², and J.N.Shapiro.

Matic is a multi-script type family made during the MATD programme at the University of Reading. Matic finds its inspiration in the typography of vintage wrist watches. A version of Matic appears in Gerard Unger’s book Theory of type design.

Felix-Font is a custom type family for the independent watchmaker Habring². It uses semi-condensed characters and references vintage watch typography. The family retains a neutral quality found in the rest of the Habring² timepieces, as well as reference mid-20th century horological typography.

One Hour Watch

I started the One Hour Watch series in September 2014 to learn about watch design and to practice drawing techniques. The project involves creating a new original watch drawing every day in one hour or less. Most of the drawings are my own designs, however I also will make occasional caricatures or cartoons of iconic watches. Currently the series has reached over 2400 consecutive drawings, check my instagram for daily updates.