Features & Interviews

A Collected Man – Five Collectors Choose their Favourite Date Discs (2021)
Antiquarian Horological Society A general history of horology (2022)
Antiquarian Horological Society – The typography of revival watches (2019)
Il Giornale degli Orologi – Lee Yuen-Rapati, viaggi intergalattici in meno di un’ora (2022)
MA Typeface Design (2018)
Mr Porter – The 10 Instagram Accounts That Every True Watch Nerd Should Follow (2021)
New York Times – Just Hold Your Watch Next to the Screen (2020)
MB&F – HM10 Panda Only Watch (2021)
Roger W. Smith Watches – The GREAT Britain watch is reimagined (2019)
Watch That Sweep – A Quick Look at One Hour Watch (2019)
WatchonistaMeet The Artist: The Talented Lee Yuen-Rapati – The Man Behind @onehourwatch (2021)
What’s On Her Wrist – Watch Terminology for Dummies (2019)
Wristcheck – The Art of Time (Part 2) (2022)

Video & Audio Appearances

Dingwall Beloe Harrison lecture (2020)
On Time Podcast (2017)
RedBar drawing session (2020)
Time4APint virtual GTG (2020)