When the One hour watch series started in 2014, I did not think that it would lead to drawing watches as (most of) my day-job. 2019 has been the first full calendar year of taking on commission work and it’s been full of fun, excitement, as well as new challenges. I am looking forward to what 2020 has in store, but until then please enjoy a few highlights from the year that was.

2019 was a big year for the Speedmaster, so it was only right to start the year off with this ‘handmade’ rocket.

The BLNR bezel is an absolute blast to draw.

“Where’s Wald— I mean Oris Bear?” There are a few RedBar regulars to be found on this dial.

Ares Timing from Germany uses this movement in their Nightflight watch

November 2019 was Blade Runner Month for One Hour Watch and I used that theme on the movement of the Ming 19.02. From this drawing sprung the idea to do a four illustration set for the Ming team. I’m a happy illustrator anytime there is the chance to include sci-fi themes, so I was over the Moon while making these drawings.

We end the year with a damn fine coffee for Brew Watch Co.

You can see more of my commissions on the Work page, as well as in saved highlights on my Instagram profile.