In early 2022 I was commissioned by author and horological conservator Jonathan Betts to create a series of illustrations for a new edition of his book John Harrison and the quest for longitude. In contrast to some of my more interpretive works, these illustrations were to be more technical in nature, quickly disseminating Harrison’s inventions and other horological mechanisms to the reader.

The project required just over a dozen illustrations. I worked by hand for the linework and shading while colours were added digitally in order to highlight different materials or features. I have included a few of the illustrations below.

H1 linked balances
Medieval clockwork
H3 Bimetallic compensation
Mainspring and fusee
H4 ‘isochronal’ verge escapement (before digital colouring)

John Harrison remains one of the most important horologists and I am very grateful to have been able to illustrate some of his creations to accompany Betts’ authoritative text. John Harrison and the quest for longitude is published by Royal Museums Greenwich and can be purchased here: